Ballarat Removals & Storage has prepared the following list of frequently asked questions to assist you with your relocation. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.


When should I book my removalist?

Be sure to book your removalist well in advance. Like most industries, removalists experience peak seasonal demand and can be booked in advance for several weeks.


How long does the relocation generally take?

Relocation time varies according to the amount, location, and size of your furniture; ease of access to the pickup and delivery points; travel distance between those points; and your preparation prior to our arrival. The good news is that we only charge for the time taken to complete your relocation (depot to depot), plus a one-way kilometre rate for relocations outside of a 30km radius from our depot. (Please note, interstate relocations are based on a different pricing system.)

Generally, and based on our experience:

  • • one-bedroom house – allow two to three hours
  • • two-bedroom house – allow three to five hours
  • • three-bedroom house – allow five to seven hours
  • • four-bedroom house – allow six to eight hours


How much does a relocation cost?

Ballarat Removals & Storage operates competitively without sacrificing service. Local house-lot relocations are generally charged at an hourly rate, depot to depot, with an additional kilometre rate (one-way) for distances outside of a 30km radius from our depot. A different pricing structure applies to single items and smaller relocations, and also to Interstate relocations.

At Ballarat Removals & Storage, because we understand that each relocation may be different, we offer a personal consultation service to individually discuss your specific needs and requirements.

For a tailored quotation, please complete an inventory list with your contact details so that one of our friendly staff may contact you.


Is there anything that can’t be transported in the truck by my removalist?

For insurance reasons, we cannot transport the following items in the truck:

  • Jewellery, watches, passports, important documents, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, collections, prohibited or stolen items, or drugs.

For safety reasons, and in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations, we cannot transport the following items in the truck:

  • • dangerous, damaging or explosive items including petrol, gas bottles, firearms, paint tins, oils aerosols, and ammunition;
  • • animals, birds, or fish;
  • • goods which may cause vermin or other pest infestation to a quarantine-protected area.


Prior to Moving Day

Will you pack my items into cartons?

Preparation and pre-packing is key to a smooth uplift on your relocation day. Ballarat Removals & Storage offer professional pre-packing as an additional billed service. The pre-packing is generally scheduled for the day before the relocation and items we pack into cartons are covered by insurance. For further information and pre-packing costs, please contact our office.


Can I pack my own cartons and if so, what are the implications?

You can pack your own cartons; however, items inside these cartons will not be covered by our insurance. If you are going to pack your own cartons, avoid using ones that have previously contained food, fruits, or plant items. Pack the heavy items into small cartons and lighter items into large cartons. Be sure to completely fill each carton to avoid crushing when stacked. Seal each carton securely with packing tape. Designate a low-traffic room to store your boxes as you pack.


Where can I buy cartons and packing materials?

Ballarat Removals & Storage use and recommend standard removalist cartons (600mm x 435mm x 410mm), and book/wine removalist cartons (300mm x 435mm x 410mm), designed to safely carry and transport household items. These cartons are available for purchase from Ballarat Removals (along with other packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape, and white packing paper).


Will you dismantle/re-assemble items like beds, televisions, dining tables, desks, buffet and hutches etc?

Ballarat Removals & Storage can dismantle and reassemble furniture however, as we charge by the hour, you may save yourself time and money by electing to do this yourself, where possible. Prefabricated (flat-pack kit form) computer desks, tables, bookshelves etc should be dismantled, as these items generally disintegrate in transit due to the unreliable locking mechanisms and movement. Larger, outdoor items such as swing sets, trampolines, cubby houses, and built in fixtures require dismantling prior to transport. Remember to store all nuts and bolts in a safe place. Please advise, in advance, of any items you would like Ballarat Removals & Storage to dismantle and reassemble; and of any specialised items that require particular care (such as pianos, pool tables, antiques etc) to ensure we bring the correct tools with us on the day.


Whitegoods and electrical equipment

Unless there is evidence of significant physical damage, whitegoods and electrical equipment are not covered by insurance during transportation, as it is impossible for us to know if the item was in good working order before the relocation. Fridges and freezers – defrost 24-48 hours before uplift to allow the interior time to dry. Towel dry and wipe the interior with vanilla essence. Remember to empty the condensation tray (which is often full of dirty water). Washing machines - disconnect from water and electricity. Lower the hoses to floor-level after unscrewing them from the taps to empty residual water. Dry the floor and hoses before unscrewing them from the back of the machine, or tape them to the machine if they are not removable. (Store hoses, fittings and rubber washers in the machine to keep everything together.) Always refer to, and follow, the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for transportation of equipment. Flat screen televisions should be removed from their stands. Disconnect antennas, power cables and connecting leads, and pack them securely with the remote controls. Labelling your leads will help you later when you reconnect your equipment. Pack your television into the manufacturer’s box if you still have it. Otherwise, we will wrap the television in furniture pads and transport it vertically.


What other preparation should I do before my removal?

Barbecue surfaces and surrounds should be cleaned and free of grease, dismantled, and disconnected from the gas. The Dangerous Goods Regulations state that gas cylinders must not be transported in an enclosed freight container, enclosed vehicle, or compartment of a vehicle, unless the vehicle is ventilated to prevent build-up of vapours that are likely to increase risk. Empty petrol and oil from lawn mowers and other petrol-driven equipment such as brush cutters, blowers, lawn-edgers, and chainsaws etc. Think carefully prior to delivery day about the size and layout of your new residence and where you will place furniture and effects. If space is an issue we can offer storage to suit your requirements. Please contact the office to discuss our storage solutions.


Are my items covered under Insurance?

Some insurance policies cover goods in transit. It is a good idea to first check with your own insurance company to see if your items will be covered by your current policy. Ballarat Removals & Storage has insurance, however, the policy is not designed to cover the goods of a third party, unless a full policy document is prepared and accepted by the insurer, and agreed to by the person taking the insurance policy. As a fully accredited Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) member, under the Financial Services Reform ACT (FSRA), and as an authorised representative of licensed insurance broker - Cowden (VIC) Pty Ltd (AFSL 245658), Ballarat Removals & Storage can assist you to obtain insurance to protect your goods while they are in transit or storage. Further information is available on our Insurance web page. Please contact our office should you wish to discuss insurance options.


What about pets?

Ballarat Removals & Storage will relocate kennels and other associated pet accessories, however, we do not transport pets. Please contact our office for details of a company that can assist you with transporting pets.


Can you transport my car?

For interstate relocations and depending on the vehicle make and model, it may be possible to transport your car along with your furniture. Please contact the office to discuss vehicle transportation options.


Moving Day

What happens on the day?

When Ballarat Removals & Storage arrive on the day, the driver will introduce the team, then do a quick walk around the property to determine the best place to park the truck. The team will then ask you to nominate/identify the items to be relocated. Before loading each item, the team will bring to your attention (and write on a condition report), any physical damage including marks, scuffs, dents etc. On completion of loading, the team will ask you to verify that nothing has been left behind, and ask you to sign the condition report before departing for the delivery point.


Will my furniture be safe?

Absolutely. Our professional removalists are qualified, experienced, and trained in the use of a range of industry-approved equipment to ensure your items are moved with the utmost of care. We are highly proficient in moving items through, and around, tricky obstacles, such as stairways, corners and doorways. During handling and transportation, Ballarat Removals & Storage will ensure that all of your precious furniture and household items are wrapped in our specialised protective materials (such as furniture pads and blankets).


What happens if it's raining?

That doesn't matter – we’ll carry on with the move anyway. We will be sure to shelter your furniture from the rain, and we'll also place protective covering on floors and carpet to prevent mud and water from being trodden through your new home.


Is it okay if I leave whilst the removalists are busy in my home?

In order to complete the relocation to your satisfaction, you, or your nominated representative, is required to be in attendance at all times. At pickup, we require you to check and verify items to be moved and also to direct furniture placement on delivery.


How and when do I pay for my relocation?

Ballarat Removals & Storage operates on a “payment on completion” policy unless prior arrangement has been made. At the completion of the relocation, our driver will ask you to verify that all items have been unloaded from the truck. He will then contact the office for a total price.

You may elect to pay by cash, cheque, credit card or direct debit transfer. Please note: AMEX and Diners Club cards incur a 3% surcharge. Deposits made by Electronic Funds Transfer must be made at least 48 hours prior to the relocation to allow time for the transaction to clear.

For commercial or company-paid relocations, we require a purchase order or authority on corporate letter head prior to the relocation. An invoice will be issued on completion of the relocation.